What is the DDCE?

The DDCE is a System of Protection against Atmospheric Discharges and an Electromagnetic Protector that avoids the impact of the lightning on the protected structure.

The DDCE is a passive collector system of electrostatic currents, deriving them to the ground, whose principle of operation is based on balancing or compensating the variable electrical field existing in its surroundings, avoiding the generation of the ascending tracer from the DDCE or from the structure that protects.

How does it work?

Its formed by a receiving conductive element connected to the ground and positively charged, and a collecting conductive element connected to the air (separated by an insulator) and charged negatively. By increasing the electric field there is an effect of attraction of charges, of positive to negative, inducing to raise the positive charges (Earth) towards the receiving element. On the other hand, the increase of the electric field above the collecting element induces to deposit of negative charges (cloud) on it. At that time there is a variable power difference depending on the increase speed of the electric field between the two elements, instantaneously appearing a leakage of current to Earth (of the order of Microamperes generally, being able to pass to Order of milliamps in phases of maximum activity), consequence of the compensation of the electric field generated continuously and sequentially inside the DDCE.

This process is regulated by an expansion and compression valve which will be responsible for the current passing phases and/or the absorption of external induced surges. The valve expands when there is a current leakage and expels the overpressure generated in the process. Once the DDCE has completed the field compensation temporarily, the valve will compress and stop acting.