Trans American Power Poles

Who we are?

Trans-American Power Poles (TAPP), a second-generation family-owned business, was founded in 1958 with a continued goal of manufacturing high quality steel poles. The corporate office is in Houston, Texas. The organization boasts a long legacy spanning more than sixty years. Our specialties are in the design, fabrication, and on-time delivery of galvanized steel poles. Many of the biggest telecom firms in the sector regard TAPP as a valuable vendor. Mexico is home to three cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. The production area of the industrial facility spans 1.5 million square feet and there are plans to increase capacity in the future. To increase our output, we are pleased to announce the opening of a new galvanizing plant. The facility will feature a galvanization tank that can galvanize pole sections up to 57’ and a crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 52,000lbs. This will support the business’s ongoing effort to shorten lead times for order delivery.  

Monopoles Built Right

  • Aesthetics are also important

    TAPP understands that not only do our structures have to last a lifetime, but also need look great. We work hard to ensure your structures look great no matter where they are erected.

  • Welding Done Right

    All of our welders are AWS certified ensuring quality welds every time. TAPP also does 100% base plate penetration, and 80% seam weld penetration for maximum protection.

  • Smart Designs

    All structures are designed to national codes such as EIA/TIA -222 latest revision, UBC, and IBC. TAPP takes into consideration atmospheric factors, such as wind and ice, as well as load factors, including the weight and projected area of the structure and accessories.

Our Design

  • Standard or Custom Pole Shafts

    Our standard pole shaft is either 8, 12, 16 or 18 sided. TAPP also offers rounded poles for specific cases. Shafts are tapered steel sections up to 60 ft. in length, using only longitudinal seam welds. Custom poles can be designed and fabricated as per customer specifications.

  • Lighter Base Plates

    TAPP’s unique combination of 100% full-penetration for base plates along with the particular steel materials used gives us the ability to offer lighter and stronger base plates that equate to lower transportation and assembly costs.

  • Anchor Bolts

    Templates and anchor bolts are provided either loose on a pallet or assembled if required. Anchor bolts are fully galvanized with five heavy hex nuts each.

  • Finishing

    All steel components with a diameter below 120 inches can be hot dip galvanized. Otherwise, components may be metallized. Powder coating and other paints can be offered to embelish the structure if required. Epoxy based finishes and corrocote are available for corrosion protection on embedded poles.

Blend into the Environment

  • Flag Poles

    Commonly found in heights up to 150 ft., our flag poles can be made to higher elevations if requested by our customers. These ABS concealment radomes are designed to be RF friendly. The radomes are supported by an internal galvanized steel spine and internal flanges with the requested coax opening.

  • Pine Trees

    Built to emulate the feel and look of a standard pine tree, TAPP offers branches in 4,6, 8, 10 and 12ft. sizes. Antenna mount branches are available upon request. Branches are RF-friendly and contain non interfering reflective material. The pole is galvanized and clad with realistic bark, camouflaged paint, or partial bark and paint.

  • Palm Trees

    Available as a Date Palm or Mexican fan fronds. TAPP offers three types of densities: light 40 fronds, medium 60 fronds, and heavy 80 fronds. Poles are galvanized and clad with realistic bark or camouflaged paint to achieve a natural look that blends seamlessly into it’s surroundings.


  • 98% on-time deliveries

    Wow Thanks to TAPPs state-of-the-art Dynamic MRP based ERP system that ensures planning, scheduling, and tracking of structures are always up-to date, TAPP has successfully delivered projects on time 98% of the time.

  • Best lead-times in the industry

    With over $30M of pre-purchased raw material on hand, combined with highly automated machinery, TAPP can offer extremely competitive lead times on any project.

  • TAPP is always prepared with a contingency plan

    At TAPP we diversify our supply chain, from steel producers, to our redundant equipment across all production lines, as well our galvanizers and trucking companies. “Your product arrives on time no matter the circumstances”


  • 1.5 Million sq. ft. of production space

    With 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, over 1,900 employees, and nearly $100 Million in production investments in the last 3 years, TAPP offers world-class manufacturing capabilities.

  • Best machinery in the industry

    Our manufacturing plant carries 28 robotic seam welders, 15 press brakes, and 7 plasma cutting machines to tackle structures over 110” in diameter and 1.25” in thickness.

  • 3 Million pounds per week

    TAPP’s plants are highly automated with high-speed computerized controlled equipment that requires very little human interaction, ensuring optimized efficiency and output.

We Receive Quality

  • Award winning steel

    At TAPP, we source our steel from one of the largest integrated steel producers in America. TAPP’s steel supplier received the “Distinguished Supplier Excellence” Award from John Deere Industries.

  • Our own Metallurgical lab

    TAPP’s in-house metallurgical lab ensures consistent high quality steel. TAPP performs a Chemical composition test, Mechanical properties test, and Charpy V-notch test with all steel coils.

  • Mill Test Report and Material Traceability

    TAPP offers a comprehensive serialization system that uniquely identifies every single piece in a project back to the exact coil number (MTR) used and the personnel who worked on it.


  • A-Team Quality Assurance Team

    Every weld is closely inspected by a AWS Certified Level 2 inspector. In addition ultra-sonic testing is carried out ensuring the highest quality standards are met. TAPP performs ultrasonic tests post-galvanization to ensure structures are toe-crack free.

  • Every structure is Pre-Assembled

    Pre-fitting of every structure before delivery guarantees successful field assemblies.

  • ISO 9001:2008 and AISC Certified

    TAPP’s ISO 9001 program guarantees that products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements and that quality is continuously improving.