• Professional Engineers

    Our in-house engineering team is highly qualified to take on any of your projects regardless of complexity or size.

  • Software of the future

    TAPP engineers use the latest AutoCad software suite in combination with their own proprietary software specifically engineered to meet our industry’s unique and most challenging aspects including stress calculations and the effects of bracing, deflection, and many other factors as well.

  • Experience that improves you

    Clients rely on TAPP’s experienced engineering team to improve on their own designs leading to structures that are 6-8% lighter while maintaining all structure integrity.


  • We drafted the best

    TAPPs drafters are among the industries most sought after, each with years of engineering and drafting experience constantly deliver the most complex projects on time.

  • AutoCad Experts

    Our drafters use the AutoCad suite to complete all of your project drawings.

  • Interconnected

    All of our engineering and drafting programs are both PLS compatible and factory-tied, giving us the ability to transmit all client approved drawings to the shop floor automagically.



Raw Materials

  • Quality that wins awards

    At TAPP, we source our steel from one of the largest integrated steel producers in America. TAPP’s steel supplier received the “Distinguished Supplier Excellence” Award from John Deere Industries.

  • Every type of steel. Delivered

    TAPP can fabricate products from nearly any type of steel required including: ASTM A572, A588, A871, A36, A588, A501, A500, AA53, and many more.

  • Best Lead times

    With over $30M of pre-purchased raw material on hand, combined with highly automated machinery, TAPP can offer extremely competitive lead times on any project.

Fabrication Processes

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    TAPP’s ISO 9001 program guarantees that products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements and that quality is continuously improving.

  • Passionate Workers

    Factory workers at TAPP make up the heart of the company, with an in-house welding school and terms of stay as long as 30 years, our employees not only love their jobs, but also love making your products.

  • Mill Test Report and Material Traceability

    TAPP offers a comprehensive serialization system that uniquely identifies every single piece in a project back to the exact coil number (MTR) used and the personnel who worked on it.

  • Our own Metallurgical lab

    TAPP’s in-house metallurgical lab ensures consistent high quality steel. TAPP performs a Chemical composition test, Mechanical properties test, and Charpy V-notch test with all steel coils.

Fabrication & Equipment

  • Cutting through steel

    TAPP utilizes 7 plasma and flame cutting machines that can each cut over 50 trapezoidal steel sheets within a .01” tolerance in 15 minutes.

  • Bending Steel

    15 bench press brakes with bending capacity up to 3,500 metric tons ensures we can complete any project no matter the size.

  • Welding Steel

    TAPP houses 28 robotic seam welders that can weld up to 110” diameters at 100% penetrations. TAPP also employs over 150 AWS certified welders to ensure every section of every steel structure is up to the highest standards in the industry.

Inspection & Testing

  • Quality Assurance Team

    Our Quality Assurance team of level 2 AWS certified inspectors check every section for proper welds to ensure they meet our customer’s demands every time.

  • Pre-Fit to work. Every time.

    Before our structures are shipped to receive any type of protective coating our QA team pre-fits the structures to eliminate the chance of field assembly failure.

  • Peace of mind

    Testing Full scale tests to verify the adequacy of the main components of the structure and their connections can be performed as an option for our customers.

  • “Linemen agree, TAPP poles are the easiest poles to assemble.”

Corrosion Protection

  • Galvanize it. Protect your creation.

    Hot-dipped galvanization of steel structures offers unprecedented corrosion protection. TAPP works with a diversified network of galvanizers offering the amazing flexibility in terms of delivery and capacity.

  • Weathering steel. The Wolverine of steels.

    Weathering steel offers customers a self-healing, maintenance-free, and corrosive resistant steel that will meet mother nature’s harshest conditions.

  • Protection for below ground

    For embedded structures, TAPP offers a powerful polyurethane spray coating system composed of an enamel-like sheet of thermoset plastic that bonds securely to the steel pole. Specifically, TAPP uses Chemline Chemthane 2260.

  • Paint it. Beautify it.

    Painting a steel structure offers much more than looks. TAPP’s paint finishes provide above ground protection that are especially engineered for longevity and corrosion resistance. Offered in nearly any color imaginable.




  • 98% on time deliveries

    Ingrained into our culture is the importance of delivering products on time. With over 50 years of steel structure manufacturing experience being on time 98% of the time is pretty impressive.

  • Diversification of Transportation

    Mother nature has her own set of rules and businesses can go up or down. But no matter what unpredictable cataclysm is thrown our way TAPP’s diversified portfolio of third party transportation providers will ensure we always have a way to deliver your product on time.

  • Field Assistance

    Even with the best in class Quality Assurance team and the highest number of precautions in the industry, TAPP knows sometimes products will require a little extra work on the field. TAPP guarantees field assistance for any issues a client may face while installing a structure. Call us for details.