• LD structures, (also known as Pre-Engineered structures), are intended to replace traditional distribution wood poles that tend to be heavier, less reliable, and often toxic to the environment. TAPP offers a full line of pre-engineered and light duty steel poles that strictly meets all NESC and ANSI standards as well as larger utility requirements under the classic wood pole equivalent projects.

Built to meet your needs.

  • We meet the standards

    Designed to meet all ANSI requirements, our Pre-Engineered and LD steel poles are built to meet the needs of utilities across the entire US.

  • Best Lead-times

    Our 50 years of manufacturing experience allows us to fabricate faster than the competition.

  • Cost Advantage

    TAPP combines experience, engineering, and strategic manufacturing capabilities to deliver extremely competitive costing options your boss will approve of.

Stronger, cheaper, more reliable

  • Better than wood

    TAPP’s steel structures are lighter, stronger, more durable, and cheaper than its wood pole equivalents.

  • Better than lattice

    Save on your largest project cost: construction. TAPP steel poles are pre-fitted and can be assembled 1,000% faster than lattice structures.

  • Better than concrete

    Transportation can make or break a project. Trucks can fit up to 50% more poles per truck with TAPP steel structures instead of concrete poles.

We can do that.

  • Customization is our standard

    With 99% of TAPPs transmission & distribution projects over the past two decades having been custom-engineered, TAPP can custom engineer any LD project that doesn’t fit the national mold.

  • TAPP complies with all industry codes

    A partial list of the industry standards that we meet: American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE), American Welding Society (AWS). Click here for the full list.

  • Expertise that leads to better designs

    Clients rely on TAPP’s experienced engineering team to improve on their own designs leading to structures that are 6-8% lighter while maintaining all structure integrity.


  • TAPP understands utilities

    TAPP understands that construction accounts for nearly 2/3 of client’s costs, being late and increasing that cost is never an option.

  • 98% on-time deliveries. Wow.

    Thanks to TAPPs state-of-the-art Dynamic MRP based ERP system that ensures planning, scheduling, and tracking of structures are always up-to date, TAPP has successfully delivered projects on time 98% of the time.

  • Best lead-times in the industry

    With over $30M of pre-purchased raw material on hand, combined with highly automated machinery, TAPP can offer extremely competitive lead times on any project.


  • 1.5 Million sq. ft. of production space

    With 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, over 1,000 employees, and nearly $100 Million in production investments in the last 3 years, TAPP offers world-class manufacturing capabilities.

  • Best machinery in the industry

    Our manufacturing plant carries 28 robotic seam welders, 15 press brakes, and 7 plasma cutting machines to tackle structures over 110” in diameter and 1.25” in thickness.

  • 3 Million pounds per week

    TAPP’s plants are highly automated with high-speed computerized controlled equipment that requires very little human interaction, ensuring optimized efficiency and output.


  • Award winning steel

    At TAPP, we source our steel from one of the largest integrated steel producers in America. TAPP’s steel supplier received the “Distinguished Supplier Excellence” Award from John Deere Industries.

  • Our own Metallurgical lab

    TAPP’s in-house metallurgical lab ensures consistent high quality steel. TAPP performs a Chemical composition test, Mechanical properties test, and Charpy V-notch test with all steel coils.

  • Mill Test Report and Material Traceability

    TAPP offers a comprehensive serialization system that uniquely identifies every single piece in a project back to the exact coil number (MTR) used and the personnel who worked on it.


  • A-Team Quality Assurance Team

    Every weld is closely inspected by a AWS Certified Level 2 inspector. In addition ultra-sonic testing is carried out ensuring the highest quality standards are met. TAPP performs ultrasonic tests post-galvanization to ensure structures are toe-crack free.

  • Every structure is Pre-Assembled.

    Pre-fitting of every structure before delivery guarantees successful field assemblies.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    TAPP’s ISO 9001 program guarantees that products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements and that quality is continuously improving.