• Self-Financed for over 20 years

    Not many companies in our industry can say they are debt free, but TAPP certainly can.

  • Millions in self-investment

    Invested in the long-term, TAPP continues to invest in its future every year, with over $100 Million in factory investments since 2010.

  • Family Company

    Because TAPP is a family operated company, we are intrinsically long-term oriented, and are uninterested in short-term gains that can hurt customers.


  • Over 6,200 miles of Transmission Lines

    With over 25,000 structures in all 50 states, TAPP is a top competitor in the steel pole industry with a proven record.

  • 98% On-Time Deliveries

    We understand customers spend nearly 1/3 of their cost on construction so on-time deliveries of poles is a requirement to ensure transmission projects stay on budget.

  • Happy Customers = Repeat Customers

    TAPP has a strong reference list to prove customers love us and keep coming back for more. We understand that happy customers equals repeat customers. Call us to find out more.


  • 1.5 Million Sq. Campus

    Manufacturing capacity of 1,500 tons of steel output per week and a three shift workforce of over 1,000 highly trained employees makes TAPP highly capable of achieving your goals.

  • Best Equipment

    TAPPs manufacturing plant offers over 14 press brakes with over 4,000 pds of press capability, 28 seam welds, and its own metallurgical lab.

  • Quality Steel

    At TAPP, we source our steel from one of the largest integrated steel producers in America. TAPP’s steel supplier received the “Distinguished Supplier Excellence” Award from John Deere Industries.


  • Customer-Centric

    At the heart of TAPP, ingrained in everything we build and do, is the customer. We are customer-driven, and above all else our goal is happy customers.

  • Quality-Obsessed

    Quality rules how we think through our process: from design to manufacturing and delivery. Quality means delivering products that are built to last a life-time, and delivered on-time every time.

  • Long-term Oriented

    With $100 Million invested in our manufacturing capacity in the last 3 years alone, TAPP sacrifices short-term gains to guarantee long-term results, both for our clients and our company as well.